In the realm of complexity, networks, simulation, economics, historical cartography, GIS, and artificial intelligence, the SCCS Group excels in intellectual exploration and academic rigor. Our self-edited publications section serves as a vibrant testament to our dedication to these areas, featuring a diverse array of in-house materials specifically designed to engage, inform, and inspire both scholars and enthusiasts. Please note, publications in academic journals can be found in our separate ‘Research‘ section.

1. SCCS Blog: Our blog is the heartbeat of our group’s dynamic discourse. Here, readers can dive into a variety of topics, each entry crafted to blend technical depth with accessible insights. Whether you’re a seasoned academic or a curious newcomer, our blog offers a window into the latest developments and enduring questions in our fields of study.

2. “SCCS Perspectives” Series: This series is designed to fuel debate and critical analysis. Rather than presenting conclusive academic research or empirical study results, “SCCS Perspectives” serves as a forum for introducing and scrutinizing new ideas and viewpoints. These documents are contributions to public dialogue, offering fresh lenses through which to view complex issues. They are intellectual provocations, inviting readers to think beyond conventional boundaries.

3. Working Papers: The working papers section presents ongoing research awaiting publication. These documents provide a glimpse into the cutting-edge work being conducted within our group, offering early insights into the evolving landscapes of our interdisciplinary studies.

4. Books and Manuals: For those seeking a more comprehensive understanding of specific topics, our books and manuals offer in-depth exploration and analysis. Authored by experts in their respective fields, these works are invaluable resources for both academic study and practical application.

We invite you to explore our publications, engage with our ideas, and join us in a journey of intellectual discovery and scholarly growth.



This blog post aims to incite dialogue and critical reflection among academics and students interested in the crossroads of AI, economics, and complex systems. Through critical and constructive analysis, this discussion is anticipated to foster a deeper understanding and a more informed usage of AI in the academic sphere.

SCCS Perspectives

The ‘SCCS Perspectives’ series is a unique platform where the boundaries of conventional academic discourse are expanded. This series stands out as a beacon for those who seek to challenge the status quo in the realms of complexity, networks, simulation, economics, historical cartography, GIS, and artificial intelligence.

In ‘SCCS Perspectives’, we don’t just present research findings; we ignite discussions. Each document is an invitation to explore uncharted territories of thought, encouraging debate and critical analysis. Our goal is to introduce and examine new ideas and perspectives, contributing to public dialogue and intellectual exploration.

Whether it’s a provocative question, a novel theory, or an unconventional approach to an old problem, ‘SCCS Perspectives’ offers a space for intellectual creativity and dialogue. These contributions, while not definitive academic studies, are invaluable in shaping the discourse and inspiring future research in our fields.


Working Papers

Our ‘Working Papers’ are the lifeblood of academic progress within our group. They represent the initial stages of research, offering early insights into complex topics across economics, network theory, simulation, historical cartography, GIS, and artificial intelligence. These papers are not just documents; they are snapshots of intellectual journeys, capturing the essence of exploration and discovery.

In this section, you’ll find a diverse array of research topics, each paper a testament to the rigor and creativity inherent in our group’s work. These papers serve as a bridge between initial research and final publication, providing a platform for feedback, discussion, and development.

By engaging with our ‘Working Papers’, you’re participating in the academic process, witnessing the birth of ideas that may soon shape the future of academic discourse in our fields. We invite you to delve into these pages, explore our ongoing research, and join us in the continuous pursuit of knowledge and understanding.



Books and Manuals

Our collection of books and manuals are meticulously crafted by leading experts and scholars in their respective fields. These works go beyond the surface, offering detailed exploration and analysis on a variety of topics. Whether you’re a student, a researcher, or simply an enthusiast of these fields, our books and manuals provide invaluable resources to guide and enrich your understanding.

Each publication in this section is a result of extensive research and dedication, aiming to present not just information, but wisdom and insight. From comprehensive textbooks to specialized manuals, our collection is designed to cater to different levels of expertise and interest.

Dive into our ‘Books and Manuals’ to discover new perspectives, deepen your knowledge, and engage with the cutting-edge research and thought leadership that SCCS Group is known for. These publications are more than just books; they are gateways to the expansive and ever-evolving landscapes of our academic disciplines