Javier Alonso

Dr. Javier Alonso holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Business Management from the University of Alcalá. With an engineering degree in telecommunications and a master’s in innovation management, his interdisciplinary expertise is well-established.

Dr. Alonso’s research focuses on digital transformation and omnichannel strategies. Notable publications include “Omnichannel Management in B2B. Complexity-based model. Empirical evidence from a panel of experts based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps” and Digitalization in B2B marketing: omnichannel management from a PLS-SEM approach.

With extensive experience as a consultant, Dr. Alonso has led digital transformation projects across various industries globally. His entrepreneurial venture, Grupo B2B, earned significant recognition, including the “Best ICT Company Management” award in Spain.

An active educator since 2000, Dr. Alonso has directed the MBA program at the European University of Madrid and continues to mentor startups, sharing his rich expertise in business and digital innovation.


José Mª López-Morales

Dr. José María López Morales is a Professor at the Department of Economics at the University of Alcala (Spain). He has been a Researcher at the University Research Institute Ortega y Gasset in Madrid, where he has coordinated several Masters and doctorate programs. Prof. López Morales holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master in European Economics from the University Research Institute Ortega y Gasset. His main research areas in the last few years include sectoral studies of the Spanish economy, especially in the field of the tourism economy.
Jesús López-Requena Jesús López-Requena is a Linguistics and Social Studies teacher at IES Alfonso VIII in Cuenca 16002, Spain, and an external researcher of the Complex Systems in Social Sciences Research Group at the University of Alcalá.  His research interests are historical cartography and optical telegraphy.

Carlos Mir Fernández

Dr. Carlos Mir is a Professor at the Department of Economics and Business of the University of Alcalá (Spain). Deputy Director of the training department in the Professional Association of Auditors (CPAs) in Spain. Occasional opinionated in El Economista.  Prof. Carlos Mir holds a Ph.D. in Business and Administration from the de University of Alcalá and a Master in Auditing. He has dedicated the last few years to researching entrepreneurship and in accounting policies for financial instruments and the application of fair value. He is interested in singularity and technological innovation and its application in Social Science (especially in accounting).
Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses

Federico Pablo-Martí (Head)

Dr. Pablo-Martí is a Professor at the Department of Economics and a research associate of the Institute for Economic and Social Analysis at the University of Alcala (Spain). He has been Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Development Strategies at the University of Indiana (USA). His main research areas include Regional Economics and Agent-Based Simulation. He has advised the Ministry of Industry of the Spanish Government and the European Commission. Prof. Pablo-Martí holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Alcala and a Master in Industrial Economics from Universidad Carlos III.
Juan Luis Santos


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