Javier Carrillo-Hermosilla is currently a Tenured Professor at the Department of Economics and Business and a research associate of the Institute for Economic and Social Analysis at the University of Alcalá (Spain). He is also a Fellow at the Centre for European Studies Jean Monnet at IE University (Spain). Previously, he chaired the department of Economic Environment of Business and co-founded the Center for Eco-Intelligent Management at IE Business School, and he was also a Visiting Researcher at the University of Cambridge. He has dedicated the last few years to researching sustainable technological change and new policy and management models that address the environmental challenge in an innovative way. His advances in the field are expounded in numerous articles and works on environmental sustainability and technological change, published in international journals and books. Furthermore, he regularly contributes to leading newspapers and media and participates as a speaker in conferences on economics, business and the environment. Prof. Carrillo-Hermosilla holds a PhD in Economics from Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid) and an MBA with Honors from IE Business School.

Short CV
Dr. Sonia Quiroga is a Professor at the Department of Economics of the Universidad de Alcalá in Spain. Her research focuses on the quantitative relations of climate and economy specially understanding the climate risk implications on agriculture and ecosystems and the analysis of the economic value of hydro-meteorological information. Methodological approaches include the econometric estimation of empirical relationships, CGE modelling, risk management tools, optimization and game theory, behaviour economics, etc. She has contributed to several EU, WMO, UNFCCC, World Bank and Spanish Ministry funded projects.

Academic degrees
Bachelor in Economics. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 1998.
Ph.D. in Quantitative Economics (Economic Análisis and Quantitative Economy Programme). Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 2006. (Ph D thesis on Decision Models and Empirical Relationships between Climate and Agriculture Productivity).

5 recent publications:
1. Quiroga S., Suárez C. (2015). Climate change and water scarcity effects on the rural income distribution in the Mediterranean: A case study for Spain. Natural Hazards and Earth System Science Discussion. Spetial Issue on Climate change, extreme events and hazards in the Mediterranean region. (In press).

2. Martinez-Juarez P, Chiabai A, Quiroga S, Taylor T. (2015). Ecosystems and human health: towards a conceptual framework for assessing the co-benefits of climate change adaptation. Basque Center for Climate Change BC3 Working papers [2015-01].

3. Quiroga S., Solís J.D., Suárez C. (2015). Exploring coffee farmers' awareness about climate change and water needs: smallholders' perceptions of adaptive capacity. Environmental Science and Policy, 45, 53-66.

4. Quiroga S., Fernández-Haddad Z., Suárez C. (2014). Do water rights affect technical efficiency and social disparities of crop production in the Mediterranean?. Water, 6, 3300-3319.

5. Gaál; M., Quiroga, S., Fernandez-Haddad, Z. (2014). “Potential impacts of climate change on agricultural land use suitability of the Hungarian counties”. Regional Environmental Change. 14, 597-610.

Dr. Pablo-Martí is Professor at the Department of Economics and a research associate of the Institute for Economic and Social Analysis at the University of Alcala (Spain). He has been Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Development Strategies in the University of Indiana (USA). His main research areas include Regional Economics and Agent Based Simulation. He has been adviser of the Ministry of Industry of the Spanish Government and the European Commission. Prof. Pablo-Martí holds a PhD in Economics from University of Alcala and a Master in Industrial Economics from Universidad Carlos III.