In recent times it has generated renewed interest in the study of entrpreneurship, which is, thankfully, helping to cover the wide gaps that still exist in their economic analysis. The causes of the relatively poor treatment has received the employer, despite its importance, can probably be found in the difficulties for observation, derived from its multifaceted nature (Baumol, 1983). It has made in many cases, the focus has shifted to the company, a more palpable and easy goal to define. The employer has, at various stages of history, a rather negative social value; not only for the majority of society, but also for philosophers of science, caused probably by a way of thinking that goes back to Aristotelian thought and considers economic activity as a zero sum game, in which business profit was seen as a kind of appropriation of the income of workers.Fortunately, today the situation has changed substantially and entrepreneurs are considered by most of society as the main agents of economic development by introducing innovative ideas and create jobs.



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