The SCCS research group actively collaborates with other centers and institutions.

f95fbc304bf76cf62da0e6eb2cd40c7069c5082c-logo ComplejiMad is a scientific association that aims to promote research, development and diffusion of the study of complex systems.
3771750_300x300 The Global Climate Forum initiates and performs innovative research on climate change and related global challenges.

GCF is an association of institutes, companies, NGOs and individual researchers. It works in the network of governments, corporations and social movements that has formed around the issue of climate change. It does this by embedding its research in long-term stakeholder dialogues.

Its aim thereby is not necessarily to reach a consensus, but to develop a variety of well-considered opinions. Often, this is the best foundation for sound decisions.

iaes2 The Institute for Economic and Social Analysis – IAES was established in MAy 1996 as a research center of the University of Alcalá. Its main purpose is to perform applied research in socio-economic issues.

Currently this univerisity instititute is among the most innovative of Spain in social sciences. It combines its expertise in the field of services, innovation and regional economy with the study of entrepreneurship and corporate social responsability.

 Logo tgis Acronimo White The Research Group Transport, Infrastructure and Territory – tGIS was established in 2005 joining the interests of researchers in transport geography and economics mainly from Universidad Complutense Madrid (UCM).

In 2012 the group joined TRANSyT, the Transport Research Centre at Universidad Politécnica of Madrid.

Major research areas:

  • Network and accessibility analysis.
  • Public investments and spillover effects
  • Urban mobility, Urban sprawl
  • Transport economics, especially in the areas of road transport, and air transport liberalization
  • Big Data in Transport and Tourism
logotip_creip The Research Centre on Industrial and Public Economics – CREIP, created in 2010, is a center located at the Economics Departmentof the University Rovira i Virgili.

The CREIP focuses on two themes of economic analysis: Industrial Organization and Public Economics, and has a team of over thirtyresearchers from various areas like Regional Economics, Environmental Economics and Markets and Institutions.