Juan Luis Santos has been an associate researcher in the Group of Complex Systems in Social Sciences (SCCS-UAH) since finishing his PhD in Economics and Business where he specialized in agent-based modeling in 2017. Juan Luis is interested in understanding the spatial scope of economic activity and its implications on regional development. His primary focus is on exploring how the intersections between regional science, agent-based models and econometric techniques  can help to unravel the complex dynamics of economic systems. With a keen eye on regional policies and their effects on businesses and households. He has participated in several research projects that were funded by the European Commission, Spanish regional governments, and other public and private entities.



Recent journal articles

The spread of Urban‐Rural Areas and Rural Depopulation in Central Spain. JL Santos, MT Fernández Fernández. Regional Science Policy & Practice 15 (4), 863-877. 2023

Análisis de género de los euros conmemorativos españoles. JL Santos, MT Fernández. Revista Numismática Hécate, 311-321. 2022

Impacto de las carreteras de Araba/Álava en la demografía entre los siglos XVI y XIX. J García Sagardia, JL Santos, F Pablo-Martí. Lurralde: investigación y espacio, 33-56. 2022

Economía Azul, población y desarrollo territorial en Canarias. MT Fernández, J. Santos, PA Suárez. Información Comercial Española, ICE: Revista de economía, 928, 129-143. 2022

Most cited publications

An agent-based model of population dynamics for the European regionsF Pablo-Martí, JL Santos, J Kaszowska. Emergence: Complexity and Organization 17 (2), C1, 2015

Un índice de competitividad regional para España. TM Navarro, FM Durán, JL Santos. Revista de Estudios Regionales, 67-94. 2017

MOSIPS Agent-based model for predicting and simulating the impact of public policies on SMEsF Pablo-Martí, A García-Tabuenca, MT Gallo, JL Santos, MT del Val, T Mancha. Proceedings of the European Conference on Complex Systems 2012, 399-413, 2014


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